Religious Flags

Christian Flag
The Christian flag is a banner that can be flown by any Christian denomination, representing their faith and the unity of all Christians. It features a red cross, the most common and powerful symbol of Christianity colored for the blood of its savior. It also contains a white field for biblical purity, and a blue canton. It was conceived by an American, Charles Overton, in 1897, but is now flown by Christians around the world.


Papal Flag
This is the flag of the Pope and the Vatican City, and been used by both for over 75 years. It features a yellow and white field, with the Papal Coat of Arms on the white field. The emblem consists of the silver and gold keys of Saint Peter, a red thread that binds them, and the triple tiara of the Pope. It is flown to represent the sovereignty of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, for the Vatican City and the Holy See.

Episcopal flag
The official flag of the Episcopal Church since 1940, this flag had become a widespread symbol of it. The cross is present here as in most Christian flags, red to represent the blood of Christ. The white field represents purity, and the blue canton humanity. The colors red, white, and blue are also used to pay respect to the United States of America, the churches homeland, and the nine stars each stand for a state where the Church had origins.

Israel/ Star of David flag

The well-known flag of the State of Israel, this flag is very significant to its citizens and those of the Jewish Faith. It bears the Star of David, the major emblem of Judaism on a white field with blue stripes. The field resembles a traditional prayer shawl called a Tallit, which white and uses a blue called tekhelet, an important color for Jews.

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